Get instant feedback from your users

Integrate with your application and tools



Integrate your applications in two simple steps.


Get feedback from your users, with relevant data.


Connect with other applications and create instant issues.

Andrés Snitcofsky, Product Specialist at Leadaki

“We can connect with our users more easily and improve the experience in our site”

Connect with your users instantly

With Feedback you can get instant bug reports from users in your site. Reducing the friction between users and developers, is one of the keys for a great user experience.

Configuration in a few steps

Copy the snippet generated when create your new app, and insert the code in your site. All applications can configure custom domains to protect your site.

							// Insert this code in your site

						    window.Feedback = {
						      appId: '54fa914ce4b04f2fb9e6e865'
						    (function(d) {
					          var g = d.createElement('script');
					        	  g.type = 'text/javascript';
					        	  g.async = true;
					        	  g.src = '';

Integrations and notifications

Send feedback you recive to Project Management Systems and Issue Trackers with a couple of clicks. Get instantly notified when you recive new feedback.